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Look BOUNDLESS Regenerative Aesthetics

Thank you for your interest in Look BOUNDLESS Regenerative Aesthetics.

Why Regenerative Aesthetics?

In 2018, BOUNDLESS Regenerative Medicine is celebrating 10 years of successful PRP, prolotherapy, and cellular treatments that have helped thousands of patients reduce pain, avoid surgery, and live their best lives.

Dr. Bunyak, who is board certified in aesthetic medicine and holds a BA in fine arts (painting, Yale), started the aesthetics portion of her practice in 2015 to bring her trademark precision-spun PRP and cellular therapies to the skin level.

Innovative Treatments

Look BOUNDLESS Regenerative Aesthetics offers the following treatments:

–Microneedling with platelet rich plasma (PRP) for face, neck, decolletage (chest), and hands

–Fine-line facial PRP and cellular injections

–Volume restoration using regenerative PRP, cellular/adipose, and combination therapy alternatives to traditional fillers

–Growth factor-enhanced PDO thread lift treatments to reverse age-related sagging and tone or lift the eye, midface, jowl, and neck regions

–Combination PRP/cellular injections to treat hair loss/thinning

Treatment Planning with Dr. Bunyak

A 30-minute aesthetics consultation and planning session with Dr. Bunyak (not required; may be requested) is $225, which can be applied in full to aesthetics treatments.

Otherwise, Dr. Bunyak will do a free 10-minute day-of consultation before treatment.


“I am VERY jealous! My good friend, whom I recommended to you (for regenerative aesthetics), looks incredible. She actually looks better every day. When can I get the same treatment?! S.W.”

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