We are devoted to 100% patient satisfaction.

Here’s some recent feedback from our patients:

May 2019

“Always feeling that you deliver the best care and personable services. Much gratitude, G.F.”

“Dear BOUNDLESS, I thought Kimmie, Lisa and Dr Bunyak were all warm, kind and caring! Warmly, A.M.”

April 2019

This was my third (or fourth) visit to consult with Dr. Bunyak regarding various health issues.  The experience has always been very positive. That is because the staff is so customer-service oriented, and Dr. Bunyak is so knowledgeable about regenerative medicine (and) associated problems. Dr. Bunyak was referred to me by my primary health care doctor, and I am so glad because the information she has provided to me about my back, and my shoulder, and now my neck has been invaluable. Dr. Bunyak has the ability to explain these health problems in terms that a layman understands, and I am so appreciative of her wisdom and guidance. I have actually recommended her to people I have met with back issues in particular because she is so down-to-earth and so knowledgeable. I thank everyone at Boundless for their caring attitude, and the great service they provide. M.S.”

My visit was excellent. Dr. Bunyak covered all the bases and then some. It was worth the time and drive to see her and listen to her. If I ever decide to get a stem cell injection, it will definitely be with her. Thanks again! K.H.” 

March 2019

Always thrilled. I don’t go on Facebook, but if I did, no one could give you higher ratings than me! N.W.” 

I very much enjoyed my visit. Very friendly staff. I look forward to starting my treatment. Thank you. R.N.

Great visit today! The office staff is very informative and professional and fun to talk to!! Dr. Bunyak has the touch–very little pain with the PRP. Thank you! I look forward to a positive recovery. S.H.”

Thank you. Very professional staff and I’m looking forward to terrific results. P.W.” 

As always, the BOUNDLESS crew was expert, collegial, and welcoming in all respects—a reminder of what high-quality medicine can be like. Thanks! H.T” 

“I love your office and the pleasant, relaxed environment created there among you all. You’re the best! Thank you for your kindness, expertise, and patience. L.M.” 

February 2019

Thank you for the individualized special care, which I have received with each visit. I feel blessed to have found you. C.C.”

“Everything was great. The doctor was very informative and very knowledgeable. I was amazed that I was seen right at 3 p.m., which was my appointment time. I also liked the online form procedure. Overall, a nice experience. Thank you, P.W.”

I was very impressed with my first visit to your office. The staff was not only efficient, but they both had smiles on their faces. Dr. Bunyak was very thorough and the amount of time she spent explaining the different procedures was very much appreciated. I look forward to our next visit. L.C.”

Just want to thank you for welcoming me back to the office. You all are very professional and friendly, and you made sure I knew exactly what to expect as far as tests that will be scheduled. Thank you again for your kindness! S.H.” 

“Since I arrived alone for my procedure, I really appreciated the kindness of your office staff in helping me to relax and feel comfortable. Dr. Bunyak’s procedure on my knee was virtually painless and effective in getting medication into the joint. I look forward to seeing improvement! Thanks so much, H.E.”

January 2019

There are no words to fully express my gratitude to Dr. B and her team. I’ve had several PRP knee injections and can walk without pain and even complete a couple flights of stairs! The procedure is quite painless due to her skills with needles. When I learned she was incorporating some regenerative aesthetic services into her practice, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. She performed some thread lifts in conjunction with PRF. It made an immediate difference. It didn’t hurt and I had no bruising – all because of how good she is at injections! I’ve received lots of compliments lately on looking good, and the kicker is, no one can quite figure out what it is! K.G.”

“I love visiting Dr. Bunyak’s office. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Bunyak is a great listener and is always thinking out of the box. She is on top of the latest research in regenerative medicine and shares several options that could be beneficial. She truly cares about her patients and wants to give them the best treatment for their problem. Thanks, Dr. B. You’re the best! L.C.” 

“To be honest after being in pain for one year and seeing 4 other doctors with no explanation or solution, I was apprehensive about seeing Dr. Bunyak and didn’t know what to expect. Seeing Dr. Bunyak was the best decision I could have made. All my questions and concerns were addressed in detail, and the treatment options were clearly presented. I cannot think of anything that could be improved on. I wasn’t sure if spending money on PRP injections, which other doctors had also mentioned, would be worthwhile, but now I am much better informed to make that decision. Thanks, J.B.”

“Dr. Bunyak is very skilled in her profession and has a very warm and reassuring manner. The others working in the office are also terrific–friendly, welcoming, and efficient. I am very pleased to have found such a wonderful doctor! D.M.”

“Promptness, courtesy, clarity in communication, flexibility, and professionalism. A.J.”

December 2018 

“As always, my experience at BOUNDLESS was very positive: Welcoming, highly professional, extremely informative. I don’t do Facebook, but I’ll continue to do what I have been doing for years—referring people to BOUNDLESS so that they also benefit from your expertise. H.T.”

November 2018 

“Hi: All I can say is, WOW. I have never been treated so well, thoroughly, professionally, and passionately in any doctor’s office I have visited, and I have been EVERYWHERE. Dr. Bunyak and staff (Kimmie and Lisa) are fantastic. You all made me feel comfortable and at ease. Looking forward to the procedure. Thank you. J.L.”

“Beyond the awesome personal first class health care, I’m grateful to have you for my personal needs and wholeheartedly refer my patients to you knowing that they will get the care and attention to address their health concerns. Thank you for all your wonderful work! Blessings, G.F.”

October 2018 

Thank you very much for an excellent appointment today! Our consultation with Dr. Bunyak was very informative & educational! Outstanding front office! Kimmie & Lisa are both A+! G.P.”

As I told Dr. Bunyak, her communication skills are fantastic. J.P.”

“Hello, Everyone. My visit yesterday was so very pleasant in every single detail: Kimmie’s warm reception, my painless blood draw performed by Kimmie and Lisa, and even more painless injections by Dr. Bunyak! She is a magician with a needle! Dr. Bunyak is always willing to discuss in detail any of my questions and her answers are thoughtful, honest, and to the point. I would highly recommend BOUNDLESS to anyone in need of regenerative procedures. Sincerely, S.E.”

“I appreciated the friendly, yet very professional, culture of the office staff and Dr. Bunyak. She listened to my symptoms and located the pain areas, provided a detailed explanation/ description (and drawing) of what she believes to be the problem, and determined that an MRI of my shoulder and X-ray of my hand would provide more definitive information to determine what could be done to relieve the pain. I have been impressed with Dr. Bunyak’s love of research and constantly seeking alternatives to surgery in the many times I’ve heard her presentations; she keeps the explanations understandable and clearly has extensive in-depth knowledge of the new field of (regenerative) medical science. I look forward to working toward a solution together. J.B.”

My experience w/ Dr. Bunyak was terrific. I especially appreciated the time she spent w/me, her thorough discussion of all of my treatment options, and her knowledge and communication skills. I will highly recommend her to everyone I know. Thanks for everything, M.M.”

September 2018 

My visit on Monday was excellent in all ways. You were friendly, efficient, professional transparent with medical info, and helpful in my clearing up my planning. Thank you for being so helpful. D.K.”

I just wanted to say, my low back is feeling stronger and sturdier by the day. I guess only my closest friends know my actual struggle… I had tried rhizotomy, acupuncture, cupping, physical therapy, cortisone shots, and ozone injectionsall within the last 2-3 years. Some helped, but so very little that my future still seemed pretty questionable. Every doctor’s first suggestion was full-blow back surgery accompanied by strong pain killers for the majority of the rest of my life. Yeah, right. I had PRP injections done in and around my entire sacroiliac joint 6 weeks ago. I’m able to sleep, work out comfortably, lift weights again, and bend over to pick things up without intense pain for the first time in almost 4 years. I’m working on staying happy. I’m single. I’m healthier. I’m stronger. A lot of which is mental, but the point of this post is to thank Dr. Bunyak at BOUNDLESS Regenerative Medicine for helping me re-envision my second chance at a healthy spine and low back. It’s not a miracle and it’s not 100%, but I’ll take the progression for what it’s worth and keep on keepin’ on. Just happy to be here. C.M.”

August 2018 

Dr. Bunyak, Your office is a model for others. You, Lisa, and Kimmie each show a personal interest in your patients and take time to explain everything. The procedure and phlebotomy were smooth and professional. When I was in solo private practice, I doubt I achieved your standard. Keep up the good work! P.I.” 

“Greetings: You are simply the most educated and caring medical team I have ever seen. Thank you so very much for all you have done for me in the past and all the education. Highest regards, D.P.” 

When you meet Dr. Bunyak, you feel you are in good hands. She and her staff treat you like you are at home. I met Dr. Bunyak for the first time through a friend 5 days ago. I have Arthritis in my knee and wanted to find out about Dr. Bunyak’s Arthritis treatment. I was so pleased to hear different methods Dr. Bunyak uses to treat Arthritis. I have never met a Doctor to take so much time with a patient to explain different treatment methods. I live about 65 miles away from the Doctor’s office, but I am convinced that this is the Doctor that I want to go to for my treatment. A.K.” 

“Dear Dr. Bunyak and staff, Just want to say thank you. I love the results of the threads. I have no discomfort unless I’m putting my cream on. I am unaware that I’ve even had work done, unless I look in the mirror to see the wonderful results. Many, many, many thanks to each one of you. Sincerely, S.W.” 

“Earlier this week Dr. Bunyak expertly directed healing doses of PRP into my partially torn tendons. Just another opportunity to be in the hands of a true healer in her kind and thoughtful interaction throughout the procedure, patiently explaining and showing the damaged areas. I know that I have chosen the absolute best for the possibility of recovery as I wait and receive follow up therapy with her recommended physical therapists. Thank you again. It is a privilege to be a patient at Dr. Bunyak’s practice. Y.B.” 

“Hi, I was frankly blown away (in a very good way) by Dr. Bunyak’s approach and the information she shared with me during my visit to investigate the possibility of PRP or cellular therapy for my hip. Her thorough and thoughtful explanation of all things regenerative and the possible outcomes of each was more than I had hoped for. She was very engaged and present throughout our visit, and I left your office feeling very encouraged and hopeful about her ability to help with my pain and mobility. The gals at the front office (Kimmie and Lisa) were so welcoming and friendly. It was overall a very positive experience and I will be calling to schedule a follow up visit. Thank you again! J.S.”

I want to thank you for being such a professional and kind doctor. You and your staff have a amazing way of making a patient feel comfortable.  The time you spent with me was so appreciated. Thank you for your exceptional service. B.K.”

July 2018 

Dear Dr. Bunyak, Thank you so much for seeing me this morning.  It was a pleasure to finally find a Dr. who spent time with me and truly listened.  It’s been a year since my TKR, which left me with a LLD and although I have seen several professionals, as well as the Dr. who performed my surgery, no one has given me any real direction as to how to pursue getting help for this problem.  I have already made an appointment with the P.T. you suggested I see and hopefully he’ll be able to help me.  I already feel psychologically better, knowing I have some direction now. Thank you so much! C.Z., a l00/% Satisfied Patient

I usually visit a doctor’s office with a sense of futility after years of unusual problems (i.e., getting a diagnosis of celiac disease over 23 years ago). Most often what I am told ends up either being an incorrect diagnosis or a prescription for some drugs which will most likely cause many more problems than they solve. I came to your office generally frustrated after a visit to a surgeon who wants me to try PRP. I understand the reasoning behind this. Now to my experience at your office. I was definitely delighted to get an appointment so quickly and thought help is on the way. (Worth a try anyway.) When I arrived and found out it was just an information gathering office visit, I was notably deflated. Each of you were very kind in listening. Then, in meeting Dr. Bunyak I discovered this is not any normal doctor’s visit. In Dr. Bunyak’s presence, it is as if healing pours out of every pore of her body. She truly listens, explores, engages. She embodies the true meaning of being a “physician.” I left the office filled with hope, understanding that the treatment I will be receiving does not work for everyone, however I am in the best hands for the possibility of a good outcome. Looking forward to seeing each of you for my scheduled treatment appointment. Y.B.

Great place, good people. Dr. Bunyak is very concerned and explains every option to fit what you need. Understanding what is wrong with you helps a lot and seeing your MRI and having it explained to you is even better. I recommend anyone to go see Dr. Bunyak. J.C.”

“Thanks to you guys, I ran without pain for the first time in 6 years because of all the work we’ve done! Thanks to doc and to you all! L.P.”

“Dr. Bunyak, Thanks for taking a full hour with me to go over the MRI, explain my injury, the healing process and my options for therapeutic interventions. I appreciate your knowledge and thoroughness. I have never experienced a doctor visit like that–ever. I appreciated your sound, balanced philosophy and that you did not push your PRP therapy in light of the healing that appears to be taking hold. Your assistants were very professional and helpful. You have the great team there and I might add an excellent location.  Thanks again. Will keep in touch as to progress. R.J.”

I did it!! Won my age group. Tell Dr. Bunyak thanks for keeping me going and you guys as well! T.W.”

I am very happy to have been able to have everything explained by Dr. Bunyak and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I added a positive review on Facebook. I will keep in touch on what I decide on getting done. J.J.”

“To the team: I moved here from Europe 4.5 years ago and have had found some aspects of the health care delivery system to be mediocre or average at best. Not what I expected at all! In some instances the physicians I have seen have rushed me through the appointment, appeared unengaged and unwilling to explain diagnosis and treatment thoroughly. I have even wondered how competent some are. Dr. Bunyak has restored my faith in physicians. She is clearly a superior physician, highly competent, forward thinking and genuinely cares about her patients. She explained diagnosis and treatment options clearly and answered all my questions in a detailed manner. Dr. Bunyak has it all!

Another area of frustration I have experienced repeatedly is the incompetence of office staff. Regardless of how highly I think of a physician, if his/her staff is subpar it affects the quality of the experience. It also directly reflects on the physician’s ability or lack thereof to provide a seamless patient experience. Dr. Bunyak has the BEST team. From the first phone call straight through until I saw Dr. Bunyak I experienced professionalism, efficiency, kindness and caring from Kimmie and Lisa. How amazing it would be if more physicians practices could duplicate what BOUNDLESS has done so successfully. Thank you, Team Boundless! C.M.”

Thank you, Dr. Bunyak, for today’s diagnosis! I really appreciate your abilities to listen to the patient, evaluate the MRI, and arrive at a reasonable and well thought out treatment plan. Thank you again for your excellent work! D.B.”

June 2018 

“To whom it may concern: Writing a positive review of my experience with the staff at BOUNDLESS is by far the easiest review I have ever written. To begin with, you are greeted with bright eyes and smiles and a bowl of chocolates. The front desk is always cheerful, caring, and helpful. The best part is, while spending time with Dr. Bunyak, you never feel rushed, and you know that she really cares about her patients. She takes as much time as necessary, so that the patient fully understands all the options available to them. Most of all, you know you are in very good hands. I am very thankful I found Dr. Bunyak. Sincerely, C.S.”

I was very impressed by my visit. I appreciated Dr. Bunyak’s time and expertise. Thank you, J.M.”

May 2018 

Regarding a friend’s aesthetic procedure: “I am VERY jealous! My good friend, whom I recommended to you (for regenerative aesthetics), looks incredible. She actually looks better every day. S.W.”

Dr. Bunyak:
Active listener
A bright and shining star in my life
Who gives me hope



Your team is the best. I appreciate your humor and warmth as I get some undignified procedures done! Thanks! D.S.

Great team, and Lisa and Kimmie did a great job! M.B.”

April 2018 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so nice to go to a doctor’s appointment and not be kept waiting. Kimmie and Lisa are lovely–very warm and friendly. To me, Dr. Bunyak is not only a doctor, but a miracle worker! The stem cell and PRP treatment in my ankle has been so successful that I am now pain free and can go about my daily life without even thinking about my ankle! The Botox in my head and neck has helped my headaches, also. So, thanks again. L.E.

Terrific experience! Kimmie and Lisa are warm, welcoming and extremely competent and Dr. Bunyak is fabulous! She is super-intelligent, knowledgeable about her areas of expertise, and an outstanding practitioner. In addition, Dr. Bunyak is friendly and has a great “bedside manner” which means patients are well-informed about what will occur. I’ve had injections before, but Dr. Bunyak was the most careful and gentle and checked in every couple of minutes to make sure I was doing fine. Don’t know yet if the PRP will make a difference because I need to wait a few weeks to be sure, but I’m very hopeful and very grateful! K.A.”

Thank you so much for always going out of your way to be certain that I am cared for. I can’t tell you how much that means to me! Most sincerely, C.S.”

“I really like the way Dr. Bunyak explained the MRIs, the overall condition of my knees, and the pros and cons of the different kinds of stem cell therapy and PRPs. The explanation of the MRI visually was a big help to me to understand what’s going onit was an excellent explanation. I have a lot of trust in her practice of medicine and I feel that I am in good hands. Thank you so much, E.M.”

“Hi. I went to your office intending to have a stem cell injection in my right knee. I had researched this a bit and I was ready to proceed. We sat down and she studied my MRI and talked with me about my symptoms. She spent at least 30 minutes just chatting with me about my situation, symptoms, etc. and I had the feeling that she was available until we were finished. She was fully present during our conversation. I know she was not thinking about moving on to something else because she focused on me and looked me in the eye in such a way that we had real communication. That was a refreshing change from practically all other doctor visits I have had in the last 20 years. Most of the time the doctor seems to be primarily focused on how quickly they can prescribe something or order a test and get you out the door, so they can move onto the next cubicle. I appreciated the feeling that she thought my problem was important. Even more impressive was the fact that ultimately she advised me not to get the injection and that the best course of action for me would be to have a knee replacement. This is practically unbelievable! I went there ready, willing, and able to write a check for thousands of dollars for a procedure. I would’ve been very happy to do it and she would’ve made money off of that procedure. It is wonderful to meet someone who is truly a compassionate, intelligent healer who is acting in the best interest of their patients and not attempting to grow their bottom line. Thank you very much. J.C.”

March 2018

“Dr. Bunyak took much time explaining the information obtained in my recent MRIs. She also explained to me the various possibilities for treatment and we decided on a treatment plan. In short, Dr. Bunyak was thorough. She wanted to make sure that I understood what the sources of my pain were, and she also wanted me to understand the pros and cons of the various treatments. Her office also gave me the cost of the possible procedures. I continue to be impressed with the knowledge as well as the caring nature of Dr. Bunyak. I also continue to experience a very efficient, well-run office. E.E.”

“I just wanted to reply regarding your feedback request. As usual, I was very satisfied with my recent appointment. Dr. Bunyak always listens, engages, and explains fully and with compassion whatever needs to be conveyed in our appointments. Kimmie and Lisa were very kind and helpful as well. While I do not participate on social media, I will continue to refer patients to Dr. Bunyak the old fashioned way — by word of mouth. Thank you, C.Z.”

“I appreciated that I was greeted warmly and efficiently. I appreciated that Dr. Bunyak was on time. I appreciated that she also greeted me warmly and in a genuinely caring manner. I appreciated that she took time with me to verbally go over my history, reviewed my medical records from other doctors, and physically examined me. I was grateful that she explained to me what she felt was most likely the problem, ordered an MRI to get more diagnostic information, and scheduled a return visit for treatment. Overall, I felt like Dr. Bunyak was thorough and knowledgeable, and I believe I will ultimately receive the best treatment to alleviate my low back pain. E.E.”

“Everyone is great–much appreciated conscientiousness and expertise. Thanks! D.S.”

“Thank you, Dr. Bunyak, Kimmie, and Lisa for the good care and confidence during my visit today for a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection. I appreciate all the attention to detail and will continue to give referrals to my friends who may be in need to your services. J.S.”

“I was happy with my visit and the time Dr. Bunyak spent doing the actual evaluation. She seemed to take a much longer and (more) thorough approach to my problem versus other doctors I have visited in the past. A.G.”

Fabulous visit and attention. JUST LOVE THIS OFFICE. E.N.”

“It is always great to see Lisa and Kimmie when I come in for a treatment. I am treated with their friendly attitude and respect. Dr. Bunyak is the best. She is always concerned about pain level when she does PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy). All I have to say is: bring it on. Nothing could hurt more than the last four years I’ve had to deal with my hip pain. I’m hoping this will help reduce my pain. I appreciate the effort you all show me! T.D.”

“As always, a visit with Dr. Bunyak is a delight. She is so up on the latest breaking news in the modalities of regenerative therapies. She’s kept my knees working well for years, despite onset osteoarthritis. Thanks! M.J.”

Dr. Bunyak, I was extremely pleased and totally satisfied with my experience with your professionalism during my recent appointment. You explained every step, gave me as much information (as I could handle, LOL) and treated me as a whole human being and not just as a ‘shoulder.’ Your approach about the body’s ability to heal itself is refreshing. I appreciate that contemplating surgery was not a default position. Thank you for the referral to physical therapy. Lisa was incredibly professional also, as a first contact when I entered the office. There was some information regarding my Medicare benefits that I did not have and she managed to find that info for me, thereby saving me several calls on the matter–much appreciated. She was very sweet and kind. As I remember speaking with you about this and as someone in private practice, that first contact is so very important in projecting one’s practice to the community. She did a great job, thank you! Kimmie (whom I did not meet on Friday), was my very first contact when I initially called to make an appointment. Her demeanor and style were stellar also. She answered all of my questions that she could and promptly sent me the introductory material and questionnaire via email. All in all, I would give my experience with you and your staff an A+! Thank you. D.L.”

“I was very pleased with my service during my visit to Dr. Bunyak’s office this March. The staff is very friendly and very helpful with any questions I may have asked. I felt very comfortable during my visit and look forward to my next visit and any future visits. Dr. Bunyak is very knowledgeable and will answer all of your questions concerning your wellbeing, helping you determine the best course of action while explaining the pros and cons. Dr. Bunyak was very helpful with me making the right choice for my needs. J.A.”

February 2018

“I was impressed with the warmth, efficiency, and professionalism of the staff from my very first call (Kimmie), extending to the scheduled intake session (Lisa), and the communication verifying the appointment. I greatly appreciated Dr. Bunyak’s thorough and focused presence. D.A.”

“My visit was great as always. Dr. Bunyak is very knowledgeable, thorough, and has a good positive attitude. Thank you! G.B.”

“My active life has changed for the better since I started seeing Dr. Bunyak. I have arthritis in my neck and hip joints. I try to run at least one half-marathon a year, and in 2011 I set a goal to run four. I saw Dr. Bunyak for the first time a bit before the first one. She didn’t try to talk me out of it and recommended PRP (platelet-rich plasma). To me, it is a wonder treatment! Dr. Bunyak is, I think, the best doctor I have ever seen, given her patience, explanations, and conversation. Likewise, Lisa and Kimmie are professional and very sweet! C.C.”

“As always, I had a wonderful visit with Dr. Bunyak. As a long time patient of hers, her sound counsel and advice has been invaluable to me regarding both the short and long term treatment options regarding my health issues. She is one of the most down to earth health practitioners that I have ever dealt with and she always takes the time to explain treatment alternatives in the plainest language possible; at heart she is both a great doctor and a great teacher. She wants her patients to be active participants in the development of their treatment plan and, from my own personal experience, that is not usually the norm in dealing with many medical personnel. I am very thankful that she is my doctor. M.D.”

“You all did a fantastic job, as always! Have a great day! V.S.”

“Dr. B is such a great person. Mesmerizing! J.F.”

January 2018

“You all are fantastic!!! Dr. Bunyak, Lisa, and Kimmie! I’m a raving fan right here!!! R.B.”

“I felt very welcomed by all of you at the office. I felt comfortable and confident about my treatment options. I appreciate the time Dr. Bunyak took with me, and your warm way of receiving me at the reception, during the vital sign intake, and when I left. Thank you for all you do for your patients to feel at ease. I.K.”

“I would like to thank everyone for their expert and conscientious service when I got the (aesthetic PRP) microneedling this week. I am happy to have access to this service and was glad to be made to feel comfortable by everyone. I couldn’t ask for more. D.S.”

Patient Feedback from 2017

“Dr. Bunyak, I want to thank you for finding the problem with my hips. I had no idea they were that bad. I thank you, Kimmie, and Lisa. You three are a great team. R.W.”

“Thank you for making me feel so welcome and taking such good care of me. Kimmie and Lisa are wonderful to see when I first arrive to the office. After searching for help for four years and seeing nine different doctors, I feel confident that Dr. Bunyak will find a cause for my hip pain. I appreciate the time Dr. Bunyak spent with my husband and me discussing my options. I have a great deal of confidence in Dr. Bunyak, as I am very skeptical about the other ortho doctors who perform THR. I also appreciate the time Dr. Bunyak spent trying to diagnose my problem, show me what she feels the problem is and then includes me into making the best plan of treatment from there. Thank you so much. You have given me hope. T.D.”

“My visit was great! Office staff is very professional and pleasant. Dr. Bunyak is great and helpful … and thorough in her explanation, examination, and her suggestions for helping with my knee. I will proceed with PRP treatment and physical therapy. Thank you, R.P.”

“I had another great session today. The entire therapeutic experience from start to finish was 10/10. Kimmie and Lisa are individually friendly and professionally; and, they work together very well. Huge assets to your office. I always feel welcomed at the office. As a patient, they put you at ease, even if there is the inevitable glitch. Of course, I value the extra time, caring attitude,e and expertise of Dr. Bunyak. She is a fantastic healer and is a genuinely great human being. I just hope that the series of PRP treatments will eventually regrow some of my hair. She set me up for what “success” would be in my situation, so am realistic about the parameters of what to expect. Many blessings to you, and I look forward to more great healing in 2018. With gratitude, M.F.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciated Dr. Bunyak taking the time to explain things to me and answer my questions. Quality staff making me feel like family! Thank you again; look forward to seeing you all again soon! R.B.”

“I have been EXTREMELY impressed and very pleased with my experience at BOUNDLESS and with Dr. Bunyak. The front desk staff has been very friendly and accommodating throughout my experience. Similarly, my experience with Dr. Bunyak has been impressive both in terms of her attitude and friendliness as well as her professional expertise and thoroughness with my issue. To be honest this has been my best experience with a medical provider in my years of seeking treatment. I have been sharing this feedback with my family and friends – and look forward to sharing with more. I am happy (and was intending) to write a review in the forms listed below, but was planning to wait until our follow up so I could speak to my experience holistically. I look forward to seeing your office soon. Seriously, thanks again for being so awesome :)! Feeling very lucky to have found BOUNDLESS! A.I.”

Follow-up posted online:
“Probably the best experience I’ve had working with any medical professional. Dr. Bunyak and her staff are warm, kind, and very professional. She knows her stuff and gives real answers based on treating underlying issues and not just masking symptoms. I did not feel rushed or like just another patient on a massive roster. Highly recommend. A.I.”

“I am privileged to have such a thorough and knowledgable Doctor as Dr. Bunyak. Thank you for your care and knowledge. B.S.”

“Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude for Dr. Bunyak and her staff. What a blessing it is to know that there is a doctor out there that truly cares about her patients. It was only by chance that I had met someone at a farmer’s market here in Encinitas who told me about the great doctor. I know that after six years of suffering through this the miracle has begun. Thank you, Dr. Bunyak. Thank you, Kimmie and Lisa. J.B.”

“Dr. Bunyak, Today was the appointment for PRP … all went great. Your staff was very friendly and professional, as were you. I was fascinated getting to watch the procedure on the screen in my procedure room. And I was not in any discomfort. I really appreciated your explaining the procedure as we went along. I look forward to a follow up visit in a couple of months. R.P.”

“I guess you already know what I’m going to say–yes, my office visits are always effective, productive, and enjoyable. You all make the effort to make me feel comfortable/relaxed, which really helps before going through the procedure. It makes it less stressful (I don’t like needles)–my anxiety goes away and my blood pressure normalizes. Dr. B is always comforting/ considerate and gentle (especially with the needles); she makes sure I’m all right. Yes, I’m 100% satisfied with your service, so thank you, and thank you for being exceptionally nice and gracious. All the best, E.D.”

“As always, everything was great! C.B.”

“Great office, great people, great doctor!!! A.C.”

“I think Dr Bunyak and the staff are the best! I always feel like I have lots of time with the Dr to talk about my treatment, and the staff is so good – your assistants are always courteous and friendly and helpful! I would highly recommend your practice to other patients. Thank you for taking good care of me! L.H.”

“You guys do everything great. It is unheard of these days to have a Dr. spend the amount time Dr. Bunyak does with her patients. Staff is fabulous as well, and put up with my high maintenance needs of scheduling. Thanks! T.W.”

“Dr. Bunyak is totally amazing. She is so smart and so thorough and so kind and … even has a good sense of humor! She gives you all the time you need to discuss whatever is on your mind. Even my husband, who is a severe critic of anything the least bit “alternative,” was totally blown away by the intelligence and depth of her notes from my appointment. I wish more doctors were like her. As you would expect, Kimmie and Lisa were very nice too. S.P.”

“Super excited to be with BOUNDLESS. For sure will be talking about my PRP. J.A.”

“Dr. Bunyak is a leader in regenerative medicine. She is a compassionate, caring physician. I highly recommend her for PRP injections. Anon. Online”

A Sampling of Feedback from 2008-2016

“I have been with Dr. Bunyak @feelboundless for 5 years and she is amazing at what she does. She genuinely cares for her patients with compassion. Her bedside manner, which most doctors lack, is fabulous–you can tell Dr. B genuinely is passionate and extremely good at what she does. She is very skilled and her treatments never hurt. She wants to make people feel better in the most natural way possible way. She is at the top of her game in stem cell therapy, which has helped me not to have multiple surgeries. Dr. B is a true healer and I have so much gratitude for her compassion and dedication to what she does best, which is to allow you to heal and still enjoy life. I had been in chronic hip pain for 5 years and am so grateful to have found BOUNDLESS. K.M.”

“I would highly recommended Dr. Bunyak to everyone. She is super knowledgeable and has a calming presence. As a fellow martial artist, I felt right at home and part of the family. The staff is very welcoming and they got me in right away for my appointment. I’m on my way to healing now. Thank you Dr. Bunyak and everyone at BOUNDLESS. J.D.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Bunyak’s for a few years. She has greatly helped me with my bone on bone arthritic knees, sciatica, and severe lower back pain. A few months ago she did PRP on my back and knees. My pain level is minimal to non-existent today. I have referred many people to her. Dr. Bunyak is awesome! C.B.”

“She’s an amazing doctor who really puts her all into helping you heal and getting out of pain. M.E.”

“I had serious L/4-5 displacement of vertebrae, with burning sciatica. PT helped minimally. With only 3 injection sessions of prolotherapy, I would consider to have a complete recovery. I could not sit longer than 20 min. after a yr. of therapy. It didn’t happen overnight, but within 6-8 mo., I could sit all day, if I had to. She also is brilliant, kind, and expert at prolotherapy, PRP, and stem cell therapy. And it didn’t hurt, thanks to expert ultrasound placement, and lidocaine. M.B.”

“Dr. Bunyak is the best doctor I have ever experienced. She listens carefully and her diagnostic skills are extraordinary. She is kind and professional. Anon. Online”

“Excellent staff and physician. She took her time, was very thorough, and answered all of my questions. Her staff was just as helpful and experienced. Grateful that I found her. Anon. Online”

“Dr. Bunyak is the best. She is polite, thoughtful, patient, and concerned. I would recommend Dr. Bunyak to anyone, especially if you would rather be treated in less invasive ways than surgery when at all possible. Thank you Dr. Bunyak, you made my last 2 years tolerable. Anon. Online”

“In the almost 4 years that I have been seeing Dr. B., I have found her to be caring, knowledgeable, respectful, and professional. I have been a pain patient for many years and finding her office changed my life. She gave me options other than pain meds as well as respecting and continuing what has worked for me in the past. When I had my child she again treated me with respect and caring. She helped me to find the safest way to get thru my pregnancy/nursing for both me and my baby. Highly recommend to friends and family. Anon. Online”

“I have never experienced a more complete and relaxed consultation as with Dr. Bunyak. Lots of patience and real thought sharing. The chosen course of action resulted from a thorough review of the options, including relative feasibility, recovery, risks, and costs. I’ve also found her to be very competent during procedures (4 elbow injections and virtually no pain?). Anon. Online”

“Thank you, thank you, Dr. Bunyak and staff! Not only am I finally treating my pain without medication, but I have my life back. Wonderful doctor and great care! Very happy! Anon. Online”

“I was disappointed in (university health care system) in Sacramento and asked my primary doctor in Southern Cal. for someone that will approach my leg and hip problem with new ideas not simply pain killers and hip surgery. Dr. Bunyak was it! Anon. Online”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Bunyak’s for 5 years. She is among the few doctors who actually view their patients as important individuals. She takes time to answer any and all questions. She is meticulous in her examinations, diagnoses, and performance of procedures. I feel completely confident in her and am very happy to have her as my doctor. Anon. Online”

“I have been going to Dr. Bunyak for several years as I have had my fair share of medical issues. If it weren’t for Dr. Bunyak, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my life as I am today! Even though I am still going through issues, with her help it makes my life live-able and I can actually say enjoyable! She gave me back a piece of my life! I would tell any family or friend to go to her as I know she will do the same for you! She will treat you as if you were her own family, not just a patient, and really does care! Her office is warm and inviting, and there is hardly ever a wait! Anon. Online”

“I have spent most of the last 5 years looking for an answer to my never-ending neck pain. Dr. Bunyak had the insight to send me for specific Xrays and an MRI that showed the cause of my pain was complex and yet very treatable. I was started immediately with a physical therapist who listened to what I had to say and reviewed Dr. Bunyak’s records. After physical therapy and a steroid injection, my pain has all but disappeared. I kick myself for waiting so long to go see Dr. Bunyak. I would send my family and friends to her without hesitation. Anon. Online”

“I have found Dr. Bunyak to be helpful, courteous, and timely in responding to my emergent condition. Her ability to diagnose and treat my back condition was perfect. As a professional myself, I feel comfortable in my personal assessment of Dr. Bunyak. Anon. Online”