About Us

BOUNDLESS Regenerative Medicine is an innovative regenerative medicine practice in Encinitas, CA, offering the widest range of non-surgical options for patients with sports injuries, spinal conditions, and arthritis.

Clinic Lead Lisa and Dr. Bunyak







(Lisa, Clinic Lead; Dr. Bunyak)

Lead physician Dr. Alexandra Bunyak (MD, RMSK) has dedicated her professional life to practicing leading-edge, non-surgical musculoskeletetal medicine. She has lectured throughout North County on cellular and platelet-rich plasma therapies, arthritis, women’s sports injuries, and holistic approaches to pain relief. She has a particular interest in regenerative and natural approaches to healing. She enjoys working with seniors, athletes, and non-athletes of all ages interested in a comprehensive approach to their acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Bunyak is quintuple board certified:

American Board of Medical Specialties

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (ABPM&R)
  • Pain Medicine (ABPM&R)

Her training includes:

  • Yale University, B.A., cum laude
  • University of Pennsylvania, MD
  • NIH Research Scholar Fellowship
  • Residency, Northwestern University and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
  • Fellowship training, Interventional Spine and Pain Management

“I feel my strength in medicine lies in deeply listening to my patients; getting a glimpse of their lives, joys, and challenges; and partnering with them in achieving their health goals.” Dr. Bunyak

Our Mission

BOUNDLESS Regenerative Medicine is devoted to reinventing non-surgical musculoskeletal medicine by unifying the latest technological advances, evidence-based holistic approaches, and an integrative, multidisciplinary model of care to deliver effective prevention strategies, accurate diagnoses, and meaningful, personalized treatment for improved function and quality of life.

Our Treatments

At BOUNDLESS, our wide range of non-surgical, regenerative treatment options for patients include: cellular therapy, neuroprolotherapy treament, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, and platelet lysate. Click here to be directed to our treatments Page.

Our Values

We believe in wide choices and unlimited possibilities.
We believe in partnering with you to help you live a boundless life free of pain and immobility.
We believe in respecting nature, the individual, and the boundless power within each of us to achieve our goals.
We believe in helping you harness that power while treating you like family.
We believe you are boundless. We want to help you feel that way.