BOUNDLESS Regenerative Solutions

Regenerative treatments encourage natural healing by enhancing the body’s normal repair mechanisms. This is in contrast to more traditional treatments such as steroid injections, medication pain management, spinal cord stimulation, surgery, and nerve ablation, which seek to suppress symptoms or surgically change the body part causing the pain. Regenerative therapy is useful in all cases where natural healing is possible: arthritis, tendon and ligament degeneration and partial tears, ligament laxity and chronic instability, nerve injury, and other chronic soft tissue conditions. At BOUNDLESS Regenerative Medicine, we offer a variety of regenerative options:


STEMCELLCellular therapy can deposit cells, growth factors, and matrix components locally at the site of damage or arthritis; they also can be delivered intravascularly to possibly benefit distant organs and nerves.

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Prolotherapy treatment, the purposeful stimulation of the body’s innate capacity to heal wounds and repair injured tissues, dates back 2,500 years. In this treatment, dry needling and injection of a variety of solutions (hypertonic dextrose, hormones, inflammatory agents) stimulate the area that needs repair to start the healing cascade.

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PRP Injections

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is the injection of concentrated platelets and growth factors, collected from your blood during an in-office procedure, into an area of injury or arthritis. The growth factor concentrate signals local progenitor cells to replace the injured area with healthy tissue.

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platelet lysatePlatelet lysate is the pure concentrate of growth factors in plasma after the platelets have been activated and removed. It is the least inflammatory and most immediately active of the regenerative solutions we use.

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