Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Patient,
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Dr. Bunyak and Staff


What is the vision of BOUNDLESS Regenerative Medicine?

We enable patients to heal themselves from injury and arthritis, and thereby avoid or delay surgery. We do this by providing superior, handcrafted cellular, PRP, and prolotherapy treatments. We use ultrasound guidance and other innovative technologies to help you Feel BOUNDLESS.

What is Dr. Bunyak’s training and experience?

As a physiatrist, Dr. Bunyak is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist with many years of training and 16 years of practice experience.

She completed her training at:
Yale College,
the University of Pennsylvania, and
the country’s #1 residency program–Northwestern University/Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

She is quadruple board certified, RMSK certified in ultrasound diagnostics and guidance, and conducted research as a National Institutes of Health Research Fellow.

Am I a fit for your practice?

Dr. Bunyak has many tools in her treatment toolbox, but her main interest is in matching your needs with a treatment plan most likely to help you–our services are not a fit for everyone.

Please review our website to learn more about the regenerative therapies we offer.

We do not offer medication management or chronic pain management services.

If you have questions about your fit with our practice, please call our front office lead Kimmie to discuss them (760-632-1090).

Will insurance cover my visit/treatment?

Although your insurance may cover portions of your initial visit and follow-up appointments, regenerative therapies are considered exploratory and not currently covered by most insurance plans; prolotherapy, PRP, and cellular therapy, therefore, are cash-based treatments.

When in doubt, please call your insurance company to understand your coverage benefits and financial responsibilities.

We bill your insurance as a courtesy when appropriate, but you remain directly responsible for all copays, deductibles, and amounts due to our office (even when insurance billing processes sometimes take 2 years or more to resolve and determine a patient balance due).

Treatments are individually priced based on your unique treatment plan. Payment is always due prior to service, with a 50% deposit due when treatments are scheduled.

Our unique treatment offerings are superior to those in the general market–all procedures are done by Dr. Bunyak herself using ultrasound guidance, and we avoid commercial kits that produce inferior PRP/cellular injectables.

Please call for the cash price for an initial visit with Dr. Bunyak: 760-632-1090.

Is your new patient paperwork online?

We’ve replaced our 13 pages of new patient forms with a 10-15 minute “hello phone call” to learn more about you. Our clinical lead Lisa will call you once you are scheduled to understand your history, current condition, and healing goals.

What if I have prior imaging? Will Dr. Bunyak use ultrasound to diagnose my issue?

Dr. Bunyak is a deeply thorough, thoughtful clinician. To ensure a successful visit, please submit to our office at least three days prior to your appointment all relevant imaging CDs AND their accompanying written interpretive reports. Rather than being reviewed by Dr. Bunyak in advance, they will be reviewed during your visit in the context of your physical exam and other health information. A future appointment will be necessary to review any imaging not at-hand during your appointment. You and Dr. Bunyak may agree to use ultrasound to help diagnose your condition. She always uses ultrasound guidance (and sometimes fluoroscopic imaging) to guide her procedures.

How many body areas will we address during my visit?

Dr. Bunyak is known for helping patients who present with multiple complex areas of concern. She is successful by working with patients on one issue at a time–always within the context of their total health picture. During your appointment, she will investigate only one area of concern in depth (e.g., your knee). Additional areas of concern (hips, neck, spine, ankles, elbows, etc.) would be addressed one-by-one during future appointments.

Do you run on time? What if I’m late to my appointment? Do you have a cancellation fee?

Yes, our office typically runs on time. We make every effort to respect your time by guarding Dr. Bunyak’s ability to run on time. Arriving late within 10 minutes of your arrival time will reduce your appt. time by the number of minutes you are late. To ensure there is enough time to treat you properly, our office policy is to reschedule your appointment if you arrive more than 10 minutes beyond your arrival time.

We’ll confirm your appt. time 3 days prior via text/email/phone based on your preference. Please remember to arrive 15 minutes PRIOR to your appt. to enable check in and rooming.

A $75 fee will be charged to patients who do not cancel or reschedule an appt. with at least 48 hours notice.

Who provides the amazing customer service at your office?

Kimmie, our front office lead, and Lisa, our clinical lead, are here to make your experience great! Many questions may be answered on our website, so please look here first. Office phone hours are 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Mon, Tue, Thu, and Fri–we are closed on Wednesdays.