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As San Diego County continues its phased re-opening, we’re thinking of you and want to share the following . . .

Dr. Bunyak is here for you 
The expert guide and healing partner you’ve trusted for 12+ years stands ready to help you stay well and regenerate optimally

Our clinic is operating safely
With patient and staff safety as our #1 priority, we’re in week 3 of a safe re-opening that includes curbside temperatures, mandatory masks, social distancing, and comprehensive sanitation protocols

Telehealth appointments are now available
Dr. Bunyak is just a videoconference away if you choose to connect from home

We welcome the chance to make a difference in your life.


From the Desk of Dr. Bunyak:

This memorial day weekend brought mixed emotions for me, as I’m sure it did for many of you. As we watch the world re-open–and the beaches, streets, and local eateries fill with early summer traffic–there is a mixture of relief, excitement, and concern. 

  • How do we keep ourselves safe during the upcoming transition? 

  • How do we prepare ourselves if there is a spike next week or next fall? 

  • Since COVID-19 poses a particular risk to those of us in the higher age bracket and/or those with comorbidities (obesity, hypertension, immune suppression), is there a way to ensure we’re at the lowest risk level possible if we are exposed? 

While in past years, many of us spent spring preparing for the summer beach season, this summer is the perfect time to prepare for fall: to boost our immune system, control our medical comorbidities, and optimize our health for the year to come. 

Over the few past months, it has been fascinating to see the same factors that impact pain, arthritis, and regenerative outcomes–advanced age and systemic inflammation related to comorbidities such as obesity and diabetes, immunosuppression–spotlighted as risk factors for severe viral infection, hospitalization, and mortality. Many of these can be eliminated or controlled. 

As the crisis has unfolded, my work in managing these factors–a project I’ve been working on for years, both as a martial artist and as an integrative health practitioner, and one that had driven me to pursue holistic medicine board certification in 2007–has gained prominence and immediacy.

This summer, BOUNDLESS is launching a series of immediate and long-term solutions to:

  • Support your immune system; 
  • Decrease systemic inflammation, arthritis, and pain; and 

  • Increase the efficacy of your regenerative interventions. 

In upcoming emails, telehealth appointments, and in the clinic, we will explore everything from anti-aging NFkB suppression and NAD/NADH optimization to the best diet and nutritional supplementation for vibrant health.

We will work together to sift through the often confusing and conflicting information flooding the media and dissect emergent research to focus on key steps you can take to optimize your health–for this year and years to come. 

Please keep in touch.

Dr. Bunyak