To All Our Wonderful Patients,

Happy new year!

In 2018, we’re excited to note that our boutique, precision medical practice celebrates 10 years of providing innovative, research-based regenerative medicine to Encinitas, the greater San Diego region, and beyond. In fact, patients have traveled in for treatment by Dr. Bunyak from 193 cities in 23 states and at least 4 other countries.

As we plan to make our 11th year our best year yet, we’re excited to share 10 big ideas to help you live your best life in a series of 10 informative blog posts.

Here’s a sneak peek of the 10 big ideas–check our blog to read each of the ten as they are released:

1. Thank you for partnering with us to lead advances in regenerative medicine.

2. New offering: Advanced PRP with improved stem cell and chondrocyte activity.

3. New offering: A2M protein may protect against degeneration and arthritis progression.

4. New offering: Broadening stem cell options now available.

5. Think twice! Steroids proven to harm cartilage without improving pain.

6. New offering: Advanced ultrasound diagnostics–a cost-effective, convenient option for subtle soft tissue pathology.

7. New offering: Female athlete initiative coming this year.

8. Patient education: Independent, research based, and patient-centered–for your benefit.

9. Latest news: Regenerative aesthetics continues to grow.

10. Ten-year anniversary patient appreciation party coming in May.

We wish you health and adventure in 2018!


Dr. Bunyak and Staff

P.S. Here’s #1 of 10 Big Ideas to Celebrate 10 Years: Thank You for Partnering with Us

(Dr. Bunyak with her family in March of 2008 when she founded her clinic BOUNDLESS Regenerative Medicine.)

Thank you for partnering with us to lead advances in regenerative medicine.Over the last decade, regenerative medicine has become a household word. As pioneers in the field, having founded one of the first clinics in the country devoted particularly to regenerative medicine, we at BOUNDLESS are gratified to see growing acceptance and adoption of these exciting therapy options among previously skeptical orthopedic offices and research institutions. Thank you for helping Dr. Bunyak and BOUNDLESS to help thousands of patients feel better, avoid surgery, and live their best lives over these last 10 years. Thank you, also, for your support as we continue to lead the field in pushing the regenerative boundaries. We will continue to translate the latest cutting-edge research to bring you, our valued patients, innovative treatment options, improved diagnostic accuracy through break-through ultrasound imaging, and personalized, empathetic care.