(BOUNDLESS PRP is always precision-made by hand to optimize quality and meet the unique needs of each patient.)

New offering: Advanced PRP with improved stem cell and chondrocyte activity now available at BOUNDLESS. As research in PRP grows in sophistication, our understanding of optimum PRP preparation has reached a new high with a study published in Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine (9/2017). This study looks not just at cell numbers, but at the activity and effectiveness of the PRP product. After testing several popular protocols, the study showed that a slower, gentler centrifuge protocol is best at producing platelets that excel at attracting stem cells to the arthritic joint and helping local stem cells and cartilage cells survive, grow, and proliferate. We are pleased to announce that BOUNDLESS is now offering the improved PRP processing protocol, currently unavailable in commercial systems, to all of our patients with arthritis and tendon pathology. We are confident that the enhanced, more active PRP will improve on our already excellent success rates, and will help even more patients heal naturally. To thank our loyal patients, we are extending our old prices to our new, improved PRP product for any procedures booked before March 1. Call Kimmie at the front desk (760-632-1090) if you’d like an appointment to discuss advanced PRP treatment with Dr. Bunyak.