(A2M Fast Form, Human Plasma)

New offering: A2M protein may protect against degeneration and arthritis progression. Alpha 2 Macroglobulin (A2M) is an exciting new treatment drawing attention as another powerful tool in our fight against arthritis. It is a large protein in our plasma and joint fluid–produced by the liver, as well as locally in the joint by cartilage and synovial cells. It is 17 times more plentiful in the blood than in the joint fluid, and does not cross into the joint readily due to its large size. In the joint, it acts as an anti-degenerative agent, capturing destructive enzymes and working at the cellular level to stop their production before cartilage is lost. In optimum balance in the healthy joint, A2M production cannot keep up with increased destructive enzyme production at times of injury or inflammation. Studies have shown that injecting additional A2M soon after an injury can protect against post-injury arthritis progression. In animal studies, the injection of A2M equivalent to 6cc of plasma or PRP in a knee (such as is typically injected as part of a standard PRP treatment) has a positive effect. There is a dose-dependent relationship, however, and higher concentrations, such as those produced by a high-quality A2M concentration system, can be expected to block the destructive enzymes more completely, potentially resulting in an enhanced effect. A test (fibrinogen agglutinate complex, or FACT test) measures the byproduct of destructive enzyme activity, and can predict the response to an A2M injection, potentially helping patients decide if the investment in the concentrated A2M procedure is worth considering. A2M has been used as a stand-alone treatment for early prevention of post-traumatic arthritis, for progressive painful arthritis, and as an adjunct to cellular therapies to eliminate a negative, destructive effect. A2M therapy is available at BOUNDLESS, both as part of our advanced PRP and cellular therapies, and as a stand-alone treatment using the highest quality concentrator available today.