Greetings from Dr. Bunyak and Staff









Clinical Assistant Lisa, Dr. Bunyak, and Front Office Lead Kimmie

To All Our Wonderful Patients,

As signs of the holidays appear all over town and 2017 enters its final month, we’re happy to reach you with some last-minute reminders and news to celebrate the season. In this newsletter you’ll find:

—HSA/FSA reminder: Don’t miss the cut-off!

—Regenerative options for hair and skin: Research update and holiday offer.

—Exciting therapy improvements for 2018 based on the latest research: A sneak peek at new ways to beat degeneration and kick-start healing.

2017 has been a terrific year of new research and advances in regenerative medicine, and at BOUNDLESS we continue to lead the field in translating these innovations into therapies that can help you heal. (Read all the way down for details.)

In 2018, we will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary of providing superior, handcrafted regenerative therapies! We appreciate that you have chosen us to partner with you on your health and lifestyle goals.


Dr. Bunyak and Staff

P.S. Our last visit/treatment day of 2017 is Thursday, December 21. Dr. Bunyak is taking off the balance of the year to be with her family.

Our front office will be staffed for appointment scheduling from December 26-January 2. Dr. Bunyak will return to the office on Wednesday, January 3.


Be Smart Twice!

Use Your Health Savings Account to Regenerate Your Body

As December unfolds, now’s the time to take advantage of any balance in your health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA).

Many HSA/FSA plans cover regenerative therapies such as PRP and prolotherapy–just check with your plan administrator to confirm coverage. To review which tax advantages you might realize through your HSA/FSA, IRS Publication 969 is here:

Health Savings Accounts and Other Tax-Favored Health Plans

Call Kimmie at 760-632-1090 to schedule an appointment–December is almost booked!


Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine: Research Update

For hair loss, acne scarring, and age- and sun-related skin changes, 2017 has seen new research in support of PRP, cellular therapies, and combination therapies in regenerating tissues, inside and out.

  • Multiple studies show that PRP can stimulate new hair growth, thicken existing hair shafts, increase circulation, and decrease hair loss without the side effects of systemic therapies. PRP is successful in helping more than 70% of patients, both male and female, achieve at least one grade decrease on hair loss scales. It is even more effective when combined with topical Minoxidil and with infrared light therapy, even in patients who have failed Minoxidil treatment in the past. Limited research suggests that the addition of stem cell therapies can further enhance the effect.
  • PRP therapy has been demonstrated to improve acne scarring, sun-related skin damage, and age-related fine wrinkles. There is measurable improvement in skin texture, elasticity, skin smoothness, and skin barrier function and capacitance (for the scientists out there) in response to PRP injections and microneedling. Combining PRP with fat grafting and other regenerative aesthetic techniques leads to even more marked improvements.

As combination and multi-treatment series continue to lead in efficacy for skin and hair, we are offering up to 30% savings on treatment packages this holiday season to those of you who want to gift regenerative aesthetic treatments to your loved ones (or to yourself). Call the office for details–the pricing promotion will continue through December 31, 2017.


A2M and Enhanced PRP Developments

Finally, in this newsletter, as emerging research continues to expand what we know about arthritis and sports injury regeneration, a new group of therapies and enhancements usher in 2018 at BOUNDLESS Regenerative. A sneak peek:

  • A2M (alpha 2 macroglobulin) is making news as a super anti-degeneration force in the fight against arthritis. It is a large molecule that is plentiful in our blood but limited inside the joint, and has been shown to inhibit destructive enzymes (metalloproteinases) that can lead to tissue degeneration and arthritis. Although already plentiful in our PRP injections, concentrated A2M therapy is now available to help those patients who have accelerated degeneration, increased inflammation, and as an adjunct to cellular treatments. Watch for the January newsletter for a discussion of the research and further guidance on who can best benefit.
  • Fresh off the press: Coming to BOUNDLESS–a better, more powerful PRP! A new study reveals processes for an improved preparation of PRP that is not only optimally concentrated and free of inflammatory red and white cells, but also the most powerful in stimulating local stem cells into action. Our in-house laboratory is adopting this new protocol, which is not currently available through the automated systems used by many non-regenerative-specialist providers. The process is a slight variation on the already superior personalized PRP we always have offered, and will ensure we bring you scientifically best-in-class PRP. We’ll share the details in our upcoming January newsletter.