Our office was SO PLEASED to hear from this healing patient yesterday. Our bottom line is helping our patients return to the lifestyle and activities that they love. Keep surfing and hiking, D.D.!


Good Morning, Dr. Bunyak and Team,

I just wanted to check back in with you and report some interesting results of my PRP and Stem Cell Therapies. A quick refresher: I had PRP in December of last year, and, after not feeling much improvement had Stem Cell in March of this year. In June, I was pretty upset that I still hadn’t felt much improvement. I was obsessing over every pop, click and shooting pain in the left knee. I was certain that partial or full replacement was in my near future. (It is worth noting, Dr. Bunyak always told me it could take 6 months to a year to realize the full results of the therapies).

I began researching orthopedic surgeons. I had four appointments. One said full replacement now. One said partial now, full later. The third doctor said to try a regimen of Aleve twice daily to manage arthritis pain. To go ‘live my life’ and see how it felt. This was a bit of a get out of jail card…my daily pain of just walking across the street went down significantly. Just the ability to stop obsessing about every pain and worrying about surgery was very uplifting.

I began to notice that the pain and discomfort in my knee was gradually reducing. Then I saw the fourth doctor. He recommend an unloader brace and urged me to try surfing and hiking with the brace. My first surf session was a bit clumsy with the apparatus on my knee…but I was able to catch a few waves and the pain was minimal. In fact, there was no discomfort or swelling afterwards.

I’ve surfed at least 20 times since July, with the same results…no significant pain! I have noticed that going down stairs, hiking, walking on uneven ground, stooping and bending are significantly improved. So much so that I don’t think I will need a knee replacement until much later in life! There is still a meniscus tear that bothers me, and I may have that procedure done, but I consider that minimal compared to the alternative.

So, I just wanted to write in with a success story for you and to THANK YOU for your pioneering work in your field.


P.S. It is also worth noting that I only wear the brace while surfing and for a more strenuous hike. I don’t feel I need it for everything else. So, in my mind, this means the PRP and Stem Cell Therapies helped significantly!