• Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) formulations continue to evolve. New studies suggest that preparing the PRP in a low temperature environment and injecting PRP with hyaluronic acid (like Synvisc) or low-dose steroids may offer advantages over traditional preparation and injection methods. At BOUNDLESS, we are in the process of independently evaluating and testing the above results to continue to optimize our cutting-edge PRP offerings.
  • Recent research has shown that the majority of the healing and anti-inflammatory effects of stem cell injections comes from the molecules and bags of protein the stem cells secrete–their “secretomes” (or “exosomes”)–rather than from transformation of the stem cells themselves. This finding has sparked a quest for the ultimate cell-free stem cell derived therapy as a safer, more widely available alternative. In other words, if what we really want is milk, instead of bringing cows home, we might set up farms to produce and distribute the milk. Two recent studies illustrate this quest and how labs/companies are looking to engineer and standardize this process.
  • Finally, a study that sounds like science fiction: Stanford researchers have found that adult skeletal stem cells can drastically increase their ability to regrow tissue–and become less mature and more powerful–if pushed to regenerate a lot of tissue over time. Like a newt regrowing a limb, the signals that create cells like these may allow us to regrow whole organs in the future. This is the news release about the study published in the Oct. 24 issue of Nature.

See our research page for the supporting studies.