This Year, We’re Bringing Regenerative Medicine to Your Skin and Hair

Spring Special: Save Up to 40%!

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Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth – the season of regeneration. So this month we’re offering special pricing on our regenerative aesthetic procedures.

Many of you have experienced the power of our pure, concentrated, personalized PRP (platelet rich plasma) in hypercharging natural healing. PRP is known to:
-build, strengthen, and tighten collagen
-regenerate blood vessels
-heal injuries and restore normal tissue structure.

Recent research has also shown PRP to help reverse hair loss and skin damage related to age and sun exposure.

In the skin and subcutaneous tissues, PRP has been shown to:
– increase collagen and elastin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles
– improve the texture of skin, minimizing pores and eliminating discoloration
– restore subcutaneous microcirculation lost with age and traditional filler treatments, reviving skin’s natural rosy glow
– help to diminish dark circles under eyes
– regenerate lost fat, lifting depressions caused by acne scarring and improving age-related skin thinning and fragility

In hair loss, PRP stimulates hair regrowth by encouraging the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells in the region of the hair follicle.

In response to patient demand, BOUNDLESS has been taking our groundbreaking personalized PRP and cellular treatments to the skin level with two offerings:
– BOUNDLESS True PRP regenerative facial, and
– BOUNDLESS True PRP regenerative therapy for hair loss

PRP is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, “from you to you” treatment. As such, it avoids drastic changes in your appearance as is common with other aesthetic and plastic surgery options. Instead, it works in a more subtle way, gently enhancing the innate health, vitality, and elasticity of your skin and stimulating hair growth naturally. We use our own precision, hand-made PRP preparation techniques and the latest in microneedling and injection technologies to deliver the purest, least inflammatory, and most powerful PRP skin and hair aesthetic procedures available today.

For March and April only, save 40% on three-treatment packages of PRP facials or PRP for hair loss. Or save 10% on any single area treatment (face or hair; pricing not shown below).

All procedures are done by Dr. Bunyak herself. This pricing is available through April 28, 2017, and is based on non-refundable advanced purchase.

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