Dear Patients and Friends,

Founded 11 years ago,
BOUNDLESS Regenerative Medicine
exists to help you
declare your independence
from the:

  • sports injuries and pain that keep you from achieving your goals and dreams
  • limited vision and thinking of PPOs and HMOs, especially as they relate to regenerative medicine
  • consumer/surgical marketing machine 
  • biases and medication side effects typical of “Big Pharma”
  • forces of organized medicine that pressure docs to
    • see more patients,
    • engage less,
    • and apply prescribed, “cookie cutter” solutions (such as steroid injections)
      that fail to account for the incredible gains in regenerative technologies
      as supported by thousands of quality research articles
      that show the way forward.

As such,
every day at BOUNDLESS is
“Independence Day”

for my patients and me
as we:

  • Focus on you as a person, rather than as a set of symptoms
  • Pursue and arrive at accurate, often long-sought-after diagnoses
  • Discuss recent regenerative medicine research
  • Spend extended periods of time together so I may explain the science and answer your questions
  • Benefit together from our independent, in-office lab for hand crafting all biologic injectables
  • Help you heal with truly boutique, personalized, precision PRP, prolotherapy, and cellular therapies.

Because the whole point of BOUNDLESS
is to focus on you
and help you live your best life.

I’m independent
to help you stay independent–I’m here for you.

Enjoy a safe and healthy 4th of July.


Alexandra R. Bunyak, MD, RMSK