Advanced ultrasound diagnostics–a cost-effective, convenient option for subtle soft tissue pathology.

Did you know that Dr. Bunyak is one of a select few local physicians to hold the registered musculoskeletal ultrasonographer designation (RMSK/ARDMS)? As a musculoskeletal ultrasound specialist, her detailed ultrasound evaluation of the joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and fascia has, over the years, helped many patients find an accurate diagnosis.

The fusion of this advanced technology with traditional and new regenerative approaches have offered targeted therapy freeing many from pain and disability. This year BOUNDLESS is making the process one step easier with the introduction of same-day ultrasound diagnostic and therapy visits for our busy patients—call Kimmie at our front desk (760-632-1090) to inquire about an extended same-day combo appointment option.