New offering: Female athlete initiative coming this year. Men and women are not the same; the nature of their injuries and patterns of healing have been shown to differ by gender:

  • Differences in biomechanical balance and osteoporosis prevalence influence injury risk.
  • Hormonal factors play a role in injury healing–estrogen replacement has been shown to improve healing in a model of post-menopausal muscle tears.
  • Even regenerative therapies are now shown to differ along gender lines–a new study reveals that the PRP of female patients differs in several key factors from their male counterparts.
  • At BOUNDLESS, we are committed to personalized regenerative care for all, and this spring will be unveiling a specialized service to reflect the unique needs of our female athletes.

    In the meantime, please click here to hear three-time world triathlon champion Lesley Paterson–author of The Brave Athlete–discuss her stem cell therapy experience with Dr. Bunyak.